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Visiting Fuente de Piedra Lake in summer 2021

21 June 2021 The Lake of Fuente de Piedra has only had 35 centimeters of water height. In addition, from March to May of this year it has only been very hot and windy, so the water has evaporated. Visiting Fuente de Piedra Lake in summer 2021
Photo. Lake of Fuente de Piedra, June 2021

The flamingos that came had to interrupt their nesting. With no water there is no food and no safety. They would go to places on the coast where there is water and therefore food. There they will be resting until the Autumn rains begin and they return again.

Right now, the lake is a great mirror of salt, beautiful. To see such a show we would have to go to Africa. In the following video we can see how it will look until the rains come:

Video. Lake of Fuente de Piedra, May 2021

Even though the lake is dry, we can still see birds in the Nature Reserve. In the Laguneto, a small attached lagoon, there is still a good level of water from the rain and the water treatment plant.

From the observatory of this lagoon we will be able to observe different species of aquatic, some of them breeding. Some of these species are: common pochard, little grebe, eurasian coot, white-headed duck, marbled teal, etc.

Marbled teal, May 2021
Photo. Marbled teal, May de 2021
Black-winged stilt, May 2021
Photo. Black-winged stilt, May 2021
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