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Visiting Fuente de Piedra Lake in summer 2020

22 June 2020 What better plan this summer than to come and enjoy the open air at this nature reserve located in Fuente de Piedra, north of the province of Malaga. Visiting Fuente de Piedra Lake in summer 2020
Photo. Group of flamingos in the lake, June 2020

The lake is a wetland whose water supply comes only from rainwater. For this reason, in years with little rainfall during the winter and spring months, in summer the lake stays dry, showing its white background due to the salt found in the strata.

Despite finding the lake dry, flamingos and other birds are still here. This year 2020 more than 10,000 pairs of flamingos came to the lake to breed during the months of April and May. At this time, the flamingo chicks are already born and some of them are a few weeks old.

Flamingo breeding colony, June 2020
Photo. Flamingo breeding colony, June 2020
Diversity of birds in the lake, June 2020
Photo. Diversity of birds in the lake, June 2020

In addition to flamingos, several species of birds are found in the reserve now: White stork, Pied avocet, Common pochard, Herons, Purple gallinule and White-headed duck, among many others.

If you want to enjoy a day surrounded by nature and clean air, sign up for one of our activities and guided tours. From the hand of our expert guides, you will learn about the history and characteristics of the lagoon, the life of flamingos and the rest of the birds. We will always carry telescopes to observe the birds in the best possible way, and we will take the necessary security measures.

See below the link to all the guided tours that we organize at this time.

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