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6,030 flamingo chickens are born at the Lake of Fuente de Piedra

1 August 2020 Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Natural Reserve has witnessed the birth of 6,030 chickens and around 10,000 breeding pairs of greater flamingo this year. 6,030 flamingo chickens are born at the Lake of Fuente de Piedra
Picture. Flamingo chickens in the breeding colony. July 2020. Visitas Fuente Piedra

This year, thanks to the favorable conditions that have occurred in our lake, flamingos have once again bred in it. The rains that fell during the spring allowed reaching the adequate level of water for the settlement of thousands of specimens on the Island of Senra.

According to the data released today, 6,030 flamingo chickens were born in the Nature Reserve. These chickens are found in the breeding colony of the island, accompanied by adult flamingos, in what are known as "nurseries". The new specimens will remain in the lake at least until they learn to fly and start their journey to the wetlands of the neighboring African continent.

Currently, the lake has the presence of 2,500 adult flamingos, according to the data. Some of them are in the breeding area with the chicks, others rest and drink in a small flooded area and in the Laguneto. The rest travel to other Andalusian wetlands in search of food to feed the chickens.

Data: Delegación de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Desarrollo Sostenible, Junta de Andalucía

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